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it is a great pleasure for me as the Head of the Department of Neurology to showcase some of our scientific work, most of which is conducted at one of Europe's largest hospital buildings. Our scientific spectrum includes a broad array of hot topics and current issues that are being investigated by state-of-the-art methodology: beginning with the workings of axonal transport molecules, continuing with neuronal life and death in neuroinflammation up to the analysis of entire cortical networks in health and disease, virtually every aspect of the human brain is covered in our work. All of our endeavors share one common goal, however: to advance the understanding of the human brain and its afflictions, thus improving the level of care we can provide to our patients.

As in science, things are in continuous change on our website, too: further working groups will be presenting themselves here in the very near future. Any return visit thus is guaranteed to bring you new and fresh insights into neuroscience at one of Germanys most fascinating working environments! 

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Yours sincerely, Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. J. B. Schulz